Who are you?
Omer Rosenbaum, born 1981 in Israel near the city of Tel-Aviv. Since 2008 I am living in Sweden in a small community suburb of Stockholm with my wife and my daughter.

What is your background, how did you start creating?
I am the 3rd generation for artists. My grandparents were both craftsmen. My father’s father was a wood worker and I was fortunate to spend time in his workshop and play with his tools. My mother’s father was a tailor who made simple cloths.
With their legacy and the environment where I grew up in I was able to create artworks with different materials; starting with pen and paper, continuing to clay and wood and eventually drawings and paintings. Today I am developing my skills mostly by self-learning of techniques. 

Where do you find your inspiration?
I have my originality in Israel so I like to draw places I know from my childhood and places in the world that I visited or would like to visit. Other than that I like to sketch things that are related to my interests; architecture, psychology, mechanics and interesting people I run in the street.


What would you like to express with your artworks?
I draw for the purpose of making art accessible to everyone. I want those who look at my posts to think that they can also take a pen and start drawing. This is how I started.

When you are not sketching…?
I have pretty routine lifestyle, I swim every morning, working full-time as the marketing manager at a mortgage bank and playing XBOX.